Arrived in Singapore

14 05 2010

I arrived in Singapore at approximately 12:50a, Saturday (local time) or about 12:50p, Friday. For those keeping score, that is approximately 26h, 30m, from my arrival at Dulles on Thursday.

Flights were long though the one from MSP to NRT (12h 10m) felt shorter then the one from NRT to SIN (7h). Little bit of excitement into Narita, we had an aborted landing due to another plane rolling onto the runway. We were pretty darn close to touching down, when we powered up and made a hard accent.

Had a little Japanese McDonalds at the Narita airport, then on to Singapore. After what seemed like an eternity, my bag rolled out onto the baggage claim belt and I was off to the hotel.

After checking in, I stumbled…well they stumbled, I met Jim and Wayne in the elevator making their way back to the room after closing down a local establishment.

Latest Tucker update: Cindy is with Tucker getting more tests, they have ruled out a cancerous tumor and are doing a few more tests to see what is causing the facial paralysis. More to come…




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