Couple of days behind…

18 05 2010

My apologies, travels caught up with me for the last two days or so and I managed to get a cold/fever type thing and connectivity in Cambodia is pretty bad.


The day after the night safari, we had a series of meetings. We saw presentations from Tangs, the port of Singapore (PSA), and Ogilvy. All three were great, though the Ogilvy meeting planted the seed for the next start-up. As we moved from office to office, it was interesting to hear the thoughts from the cab drivers about the state of the city/country. The investment the cab drivers had in the city was like nothing I had seen before, certainly nothing like New York or Washington, DC.

After the day of meetings we celebrated a few birthdays and prepared for the journey to Cambodia. At 330a we made the trip to Chengi airport in Singapore and took off for Cambodia.


Hot…the first word that comes to mind. We stepped off the plane and it was incredibly hot and humid. The airport was what appeared to be a random building in the middle of no where. We made it through customs, with some delay and grabbed our luggage. We arrived at the hotel and were greeted by the very enthusiastic hotel staff. I have to say the hotel experience is Cambodia was much nicer overall then in Singapore. We did a morning ‘bus’ tour of the city and stopped at the local market. The local market was an unreal experience. I am not sure I can come up with the words to describe it appropriately, so I will simply say you need to experience it for yourself, just once. What was very interesting was the amount of cell phones that were for sale along the streets, since many don’t have house numbers or a perm residence, their cell phone is the primary means of communication.

Driving through the streets it is clear there was little infrastructure planning after the war. I was in awe of the poverty we saw. I knew it existed and worked in some of the poorest areas of Indianapolis during my practicums for my BSW, but those areas were full a mansions in comparisons

As we continued with our day, we made our way to the school visit. When we pulled up, we were greeted by a school musical group who led the way into the room where we were we met the principal and were entertained by a few performances by the kids. It was clear, this is a special place. I was lucky enough to be able to present a donation to the principal on behalf of some of the employees from my former organization, Naviance. My father use to refer to his high school and students as “people with pride in a place with purpose.” I felt this while at the school. There weren’t shiny cars in the parking lot, or even a parking lot, but there were people who cared about being there and excited about what they are doing.

We ended the day taking advantage of the local massage services and a traditional dinner theatre experience.

More later…




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