Start of a journey…

10 05 2010

Good morning all,

In January of 2009 I began a journey, with the unwavering support of my wife Cindy, that will end (hopefully) with receiving a Masters in Business Administration from The College of William & Mary, Mason School of Business. It has been an amazing 4 semesters and on Thursday we head to Asia as a part of our Global Strategy class. I will be making the trip from Washington Dulles, through Minneapolis and Narita and will land in Singapore at 12:50am local time on Saturday morning.

Part of our school work requires us to share our experiences in a journal, so my plan is to use the journal of 2010, a blog. I will post pictures and updates as I can. If you have any suggestions on what to do in my off time or questions about the culture or the cities I am in, please let me know. Comments, Blackberry Messenger, and e-mail are the best way to reach out.