The day has arrived…

13 05 2010

Back in January of 2009 when I started the Executive MBA program the international experience seemed so far away, almost not real. The old saying time flies, certainly applies here. About an hour and a half ago most of my classmates left Williamsburg via bus to Dulles Airport. I spent the night in DC with my wife and we will be headed to the airport after a nice breakfast. We fly around the same time this morning, but my will be taking different paths. I choose to upgrade to first class for the 22 hours of flight time ahead of us. Delta will take me to Minneapolis, short layover then on to Narita, with a quick stop, then on to Singapore. I should be landing in Singapore around lunch time (EDT) tomorrow. My classmates will be flying direct from Dulles to Narita, but then on to Bangkok for the night before departing for Singapore the next morning.

Some of our luckier classmates have spent the week in Australia or Thailand on vacation. We will all come together Saturday night (Singapore time) for a night time safari and then start our official agenda on Sunday afternoon.

There is no doubt this will be an amazing trip, stay tuned for more details and pictures along the way.


Start of a journey…

10 05 2010

Good morning all,

In January of 2009 I began a journey, with the unwavering support of my wife Cindy, that will end (hopefully) with receiving a Masters in Business Administration from The College of William & Mary, Mason School of Business. It has been an amazing 4 semesters and on Thursday we head to Asia as a part of our Global Strategy class. I will be making the trip from Washington Dulles, through Minneapolis and Narita and will land in Singapore at 12:50am local time on Saturday morning.

Part of our school work requires us to share our experiences in a journal, so my plan is to use the journal of 2010, a blog. I will post pictures and updates as I can. If you have any suggestions on what to do in my off time or questions about the culture or the cities I am in, please let me know. Comments, Blackberry Messenger, and e-mail are the best way to reach out.